Friday, November 17, 2006

I hope you're not squeamish

Yeah, it's been one of those know, one of those blood-soaked, flesh gouging days that you have every once in a while.

To elaborate: It was the middle of lunch rush today where we got a little slammed, and I was slicing lemons with the serrated knife to put into the drinks, and the tip of my left thumb got in the way and was duly sliced off. Luckily it wasn't *too* deep and it didn't completely come off, it's still attached on one side. Now I'm not generally a squeamish person, but seeing my own thumb peel open was not entirely didn't hurt or bleed for about 10 seconds, in which time I thought 'Oh my f'in god, this is going to be so painful' and 'shite, there's food to go out'. Stef said when I walked into the kitchen I was white as her...well, whites, and she didn't realise what was the matter until she saw blood pouring out of my thumb. Of course, it being the lunch rush, I didn't have time to do anything other than chuck a couple of bandaids on and hope they soaked up the blood while I hustled the food out....let me tell you, it's hard to act all cheery and happy when your thumb is throbbing like mine was throbbing. After about an hour when the rush died I ran across to the chemist to get it dressed properly and assessed...thankfully I don't need stitches. She put a little sticky strip across it that acts like a stitch (and it's actually stopped bleeding now which is nice) and I have to leave it on for a few weeks...a few weeks!? Argh. Still, if I have to slice one finger open, that's a pretty good choice, because I can still play guitar.


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