Monday, November 06, 2006

I am so sad.

I'm sitting here by myself in my bedroom on a monday night, listening to Franz Ferdinand, surfing the net and drinking. Ohhhhhh my Gooood. That's so sad and dodgy.

Okay, I kind of sort of almost have a good excuse. I'm mixing a bottle of Gin and cranberry juice to take to the Melbourne Cup picnic tomorrow, and I'm going to take it in the cranberry juice bottle, so obviously I have to take some juice out before I can put any gin in. So I poured myself a glass and went 'what the hell. I'm not driving anywhere. May as well have a drink.' (an aside: The Arcade Fire is now playing. It's actually making a really lovely soundtrack to my solitary drinking/blogging mode.) I had coffee this morning too. I never drink coffee. It's been a strange day. Actually I had coffee last night at Brendan's (in an affogato) and I had a mocha...somethingorother (it was really an espresso that we made too early and took back, hot milk and chocolate in a tall glass) on saturday at work. It would be handy if I turned into a coffee drinker. It's a better wakeup than tea, I'll give it that.

Anyway I'm going to sit back and listen to more Arcade Fire now...I haven't listened to them for a while and forgot how awesome they are...yey :)


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Brendan said...

I require you to learn to drink more coffee, you always make me feels like i am weird whan i drink alone.