Thursday, October 26, 2006

Everyday stupidity...

Last night I was hanging out in my sister's room, as I do sometimes when I'm quite bored and want a human being to annoy. She was rearranging some stuff in her school diary and had stashed in one of the pockets a cute little promo thing from the ANZ. It was a little blue rectangle that was actually a sachet of blue zinc sunscreen which she must've gotten at a sporting event. Anyway curiosity got the better of her and she snapped it open. I didn't want to just throw it away so we decided I'd painthe back of my hand with it. It was quite runny for zinc, I was expecting something thicker like what you get in those sticks, but we painted my hand nice and blue (did I mention that I was bored?). After about 30 seconds I decided I would wash it off before it got on anything. Went to the bathroom and turned on the tap, the water ran straight off as expected, so I grabbed the bar of soap to lather up. Only the soap didn't work and instead turned bright blue, whilst my hand didn't become any less blue. After a couple of minute struggling with the soap which was just coated in zinc by then, I started to worry. I mean it's all good and well to have a blue hand when you're staying at home studying, but I'm pretty sure my work wouldn't be so cool with it. So I raced off to my mum's room to the liquid soap and used about half the bottle, which got most of the zinc off but left my hand looking particularly corpse-like with a rather convincing blue tinge. By this time it was late and I jsut thought 'fuck it. Maybe if I go to sleep it won't be there in the morning.' So after cleaning up all the blue tracks I left everywhere, I went to bed feeling rather sheepish.

This morning. Woke up, looked at the hand. It's still blue. Wtf. Surely a good night's sleep should get rid of a stain like that! (Don't ask). I decided to take it one step further and properly scrub my hand with soap. My hand was bright red afterwards. Good sign. Until the red subsided to reveal my hand was still slightly blue. Not enough to look dead, but enough to look like I'd done something rather silly. So I gave it a real going over in the shower, figuring if I couldn't have normal skin I didn't really want skin at all, and thank christ it's back to normal. Lesson learnt - never wear coloured zinc. Whoever formulated the dye for that is an ass.

Imagine what would've happened if I'd put it on my face.


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Brendan said...

If that is everyday stupidity, I'd love to see your special stupidity.
I personally have found that the best cleaner of hands is time. I have stained my self with nearly every substance known to man, and time gets rid of all fo them (except tattoos...).