Monday, October 09, 2006

I got paid today. I like being paid. In fact I had to pay myself today as my boss went home early, so I was paranoid that I woud miscalculate my pay and get into trouble, but I think I got it right. I'm going to start up an account book again...I used to have one, which was detailed to the point of obsessiveness (as in I wrote down the smallest things, like 'bought a pen - $0.50'.) but was good because I knew exactly how much I had so I could see whether I could actually afford that CD or not. I let it slip though when I lost my job...couldn't handle seeing all my savings dwindle away again. I should start it up though...have to keep track of bills and PETROL now that I drive.

Driving is awesome.

I was thinking today at work while wiping glasses (good thinking activity, although most barwork is really) about the errands I have to run tomorrow...going to the bank, checking the mail, getting a pair of jeans taken up...then I realised I'm thinking like a grown up and freaked out a bit.


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Brendan said...

Did you know that that is exactly what i had to do today too - even get the jeans taken up!