Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why don't you give it a whirl

I can now say I'm one of the card carrying (badge wearing) Frenz of the Enz (what's the singular for that? Fren?). I joined the fanclub last week and my first set of newsletters and assorted goodies arrived today (prompt responses all round. Thanks Peter). I'll show you tragic Brendan XD

Today was one of those can't really be bothered movin kinda days where you drag yourself through the day like honey. Getting stuff done seems more painful than usual and it would be so easy to go 'fuck it' and lie in the dark listening to CDs. Hot weather does that to me. Amazingly I still got what I wanted to do done - studying of course, went to Springvale and got a haircut, did my banking. Credit card arrived today - duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhh! They gave me an astonishingly high limit. I'll have to watch that. Already planning the first purchase - Tim Finn presales tomorrow. The girls had afternoon tea, Keith's homemade cupcakes (they take me back to my school years...ah the nostalgia). We're having a barbecue for dinner - Sushi (the dog) lying on the kitchen mat eyeing my mum like a hawk while she prepares the meat. I even found time to strum a few bars of guitar and draw some 'robin' designs (Brendan will know what I'm talking about!). Came up with a good one. Surprisingly productive. Ah shit, didn't touch my violin. Some other day!

Anyway I'm going...gonna go get dinner ready, then I'm going out. Trivia anyone?

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