Tuesday, October 03, 2006

just another day in the office

I saw The Devil Wears Prada last night with some friends. It was actually pretty good, very enjoyable. Meryl Streep was really good. The clothes....my God...I can see how people get sucked into the fashion industry. They were fabulous. and I've decided that I'm going to grow out my hair....I haven't been a fan of long hair on myself since I was about 10...mainly because it's very straight so whenever I've had long hair it's been nerdy Asian girl long hair, not lovely wavy long hair. But in the movie Anne Hathaway has amazing long straight hair with layers and a fringe and everything...so I might try and do that.

Why must I blog when I have nothing interesting to say?

Oh yeah. My workmate didn't show up for work on Sunday, so I was by myself at the front of house. Usually my front duties don't extend past barwork and running food, but suddenly I had to do the whole waitressing thing as well. And we had a very very busy start. Eight tables. I ended up losing one because I just never got out to them. Luckily I was able to call someone in at 7, but that first hour was just horrendous. I was nearly in tears by the end of it, and I'm generally not a stressed out kind of person. Because when you're taking orders on 12, and 15's food is ready, and the phone rings, and a couple appear at the door looking for a table, you realise you are slightly fucked...Then you finish taking 12's order, you seat the couple on 9, take out 15's food, get the chef to answer the phone, and you're slightly under control until 5 (the big table) asks you for a bunch of drinks as you race past. Then you've go to go back to 3 who you've been neglecting and take their order, give 9 menus and water, give 12 and 3's order to the kitchen and do 5's drinks order, praying that you remembered it correctly, and of course not forgetting to write it down on their docket, and the phone rings again....you get the picture. Not cool at all.


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