Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm kind of glad I don't live in England. Neil Finn played a secret show in Bath a couple of nights ago, new band, new songs. I would've been pretty gutted if I lived in England and missed it. Apparently some bloke was heckling his singing, so they got him up to sing Better Be Home Soon, and Neil deliberately played all the wrong chords to sabotage him. Sounds a bit like what dad did at my mum's birthday, except he was actually trying to play the right ones.

So anyway...nothing interesting to say really. I downloaded this song (legally, off iTunes) by Mark Hart called Lullaby for Channing. It's one of those sublimely beautiful piano/strings songs that make you go all funny inside. I think I'll have to create an iTunes playlist with that name...'sublimely beautiful piano/strings songs that make you go all funny inside'. I know there's a couple in my iTunes that could go in that playlist. I was reading an article on how online sales effect charts these days. ARIA doesn't take data from the Brazin stores - Sanity, HMV and Virgin - which is just madness because they seem to be the biggest sellers. They have their own chart I think. And online sales have really changed buying habits...people rarely buy a whole album, they just buy the songs they like. Which is true, I've only bought one album off iTunes and the rest have been single songs. No point in paying for someone that you're not going to listen to (when you can just download whole albums off torrent sites...forget I said that).

Anyway I'm gonna go get ready for work...see ya round.


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