Thursday, July 28, 2005

Everyone's a little bit racist...

Ahhhhh! so so so happy.

I FINALLY got to see Avenue Q today! After seeing it on the Tonys last year and thinking I would never have the opportunity to see it. At first we entered the lottery to get $21 front row tickets, but as there are only 12 tickets, there was pretty much no chance of that. We ended up in the exact opposite - right in the back row, high high up in the nosebleed section. Luckily it was the type of theatre where every seat had a good view of the stage. Well we did have a good view, but there was a couple in front of me in the first act who couldn't stop making out, which was a little distracting. Thankfully they weren't there in the second act. I think they may have taken my hissed advice to 'get a f**king room'.

Anyway. Yes, if you possibly can, definitely see Avenue Q. It's a very clever and funny musical. I was nearly in tears most of the time. Most of the main characters are puppets, although since they're basically oversized handhelds so you can see the actors manipulating them and voicing them. They're a talented bunch I have to say - all the principal pupeteers have at least two characters! It gets to the stage where you almost forget that the human is there. Ann Harada, who plays Christmas Eve, deserves a special mention for being hilarious and having a truly magnificent voice. Barrett Foa, who played both Princeton, the recent college graduate and main character, and Rod, was also fantastic, considering how demanding his role was playing two major plot threads and two very different characters.

The puppets are jim-henson muppetish looking, but this is definitely not a children's show! Let me just say - PUPPET SEX. My goodness! lol. Also with song titles like 'Everyone's a Litlle Bit Racist', 'The Internet is for Porn' and 'If You Were Gay'....the only similarities to Sesame Street are purely visual. There are some similarities to the Sesame Street Characters...intentional or not! Trekkie Monster's voice bears a striking resemblance to the Cookie Monster and Rod the closeted Republican homosexual and his flatmate Nicky kinda sound like Ernie and Bert :D My favourite character was Rod ("I am NOT a closeted HOMOWHATEVER!").

Anyway. I could go on forever about how awesome this show was. Instantly my favourite musical, even including We Will Rock You and the Witches of Eastwick. But I think I'll just keep on listening to the soundtrack again and again and again...

Oh yeah. We spent like 6 hours in Macy's Herald Square. What an evil place. G managed to get a gorgeous dress for her 21st and some hot shoes.

Anyway I gotta go to bed now. Tomorrow we have to be at Broadway again at 8 am to try to get STANDING ROOM tickets for Spamalot. That's how popular it is - we have to queue for 2 HOURS for STANDING tickets. We can't even get seats until sometime near the end of the year.


'- The internet is really really great.
- FOR PORN.' - Kate and Trekkie Monster

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