Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Soho and Times Square

Man, it really is way too humid in NY at the moment. Today I wore probably more suitable clothing, but not the best shoes. I have an impressive blister on top of my big toe. We went down Broadway to Soho again today, and had a look in all the shops. I'm seriously considering an A|X top if I have enough money next week :) we also booked our transprt to and from Chicago. We're flying back, thank god, because we were able to get cheap flights through STA. This evening after dinner we went out to Times Square. In LA we wouldn't have dreamed of going out after dark, but we felt and were perfectly safe leaving at 10:30 and getting back 2 hours later. The subway was still quite busy, even at midnight on a weeknight. Times Square was very cool, and bright! There are heaps and heaps of billboards that are actual colour screens. There were a couple that covered whole buildings. It was mad. Unfortunately the Toys 'R' Us store was closed, but we went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and Hard Rock Cafe. They have a cool T shirt that has faux tattoo sleeves - it looks like you're arms are covered in gnarly tatts!

I think tomorrow we're going to MoMA. Yet another one of G's friends has a corporate membership, so he's getting us in for free during his lunch hour. Isn't that nice? We're hopefully meeting up with A from the hostel in LA, and then we'll see Fantastic Four tomorrow evening or something. Se y'all later.


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