Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Met and pretty pictures

Today we were meant to do our whole Central Park walking tour because apparently it was going to be *gasp* cool, but it was actually raining, so we decided to go to the Met. Yes, that's right, the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Finally! After yesterday's disappointment with the Museum of Modern Art being closed, we made sure that the Met would be open today. Seriously, if you're going, one day isn't even enough to scratch the surface! I doubt that we saw much more than 30-40% of the collection. We also saw two special exhibitions today, the Chanel and Matisse shows. There were some seriously fabulous dresses in the Chanel collection, and even the designs from the thirties look great today, they're so classic. I really enjoyed the Matisse show as well - I wasn't aware of the important role that textiles played in making his paintings so bright and vibrant. The Met also showed some of the robes and clothing worn by Matisse's models in the paintings, and it made the paintings seem that much more 'real', to see the materials and inspiration. It kind of brings you closer to the painter - you become aware of the process itself, rather than just observing the finished product without thinking about how it was made.

Enough of my crapping on. We made quite a nice dinner tonight, thankyou very much. Thank god for premixed marinades and bottled salad dressing! We had teriyaki chicken and a salad of spinach, tomato, mushroom, onion and avocado with a blue cheese dressing. And apple and cinnamon waffles for dessert. And we wonder why we haven't lost any weight on this trip yet!

Anyway, apparently the whole photo upload thing is working properly now. G has some up on her blog, so I'll post the ones that she didn't. I don't think I'll bother with more LA ones for now. I might do it at the end of the trip so I don't break the continuity. Or whatever.

See, we CAN cook!


Only in New York...

the TRUMP.

KAWAIIIIIIIIIIII-DESU!!!! ...The dog's kinda cute too. :P

That's what I'm talkin BOUT!!!

Let me stress, there have been NO dodgy dirty water dogs bought from street vendors on this trip. That will be in the last week, when we're REALLY broke.

Times Square!!! Nearly midnight! Way to freak out our parents.

All you need is...

seriously, walk a bit further and you'd never know it was there.

In Trump Tower - yes, I think I'll take two, thanks.

Whassup!? ...oh, you.

If that head were George Bush's, the world would be a better place.

so, I was looking for an interesting piece to hang in my bedroom...

We cook...


So, that brings y'all up to speed with our photos from New York. We're having a blast. Tomorrow is Fifth and Madison Avenues, where I'm pretty much guaranteed to do no shopping because one top would probably blow out my budget for the rest of my trip.


...Oh yeah, we saw the movie Fantastic Four yesterday. G mainly wanted to see it because it is set in New York City, and we saw it just off Times Square, where one of the scenes is (which I have to admit was kinda cool). My main reason: three words. Ioan. Gruffudd. Spandex. *faints* OK so it wasn't an awesome movie. It had its funny moments but the plot was kinda slow, with the characters developing their powers and all that. But the visuals were stunning :)


actias.artemis said...

hey glad to hear you having a great time...
but I'M ENVIOUS ABOUT ALL THE CHEESECAKE!!!! (although i had two around my birthday time)
gimme gimme gimme

keep on having fun~

Anonymous said...

wow i'm loving your pics!! -hershey *drools*

thanks for directing me back to your journal as i was thinking just the other day if u had any pics!! i can't wait to see the fantastic four!!!