Sunday, July 10, 2005

I (heart) New York

Wow. New York is so easy to get around. So different to LA, where you have to take an hour and two buses just to get to a local mall! We took the subway everywhere today (so much for avoiding it after the London terrorist attacks).

This morning we met up with some friends of G's for brunch somewhere in Chelsea. I think the place was called the Viceroy. They're here studying history, the search for the American Dream or some such thing. I had waffles :)
Then we walked down to Soho and the Village for cheesecake! Now I know why I'm not losing any weight on this trip. We went to a little shop called Eileen's Special Cheesecake. It has a good reputation and rightly so. The cheesecake was unusually light and fluffy and delicious, with sweet juicy strawberries on top. It was also pretty inexpensive.

After cheesecake, we made our way to Wall st, where we got to take photos outside the Trump Building (he owns like half of New York). We also went to the Cloisters after going in the wrong direction and ending up in Brooklyn!

Today was extremely hot and humid. The park around the Cloisters is beautiful and it really doesn't feel like you're in New York, but the walk was absolutely melting. G and I were very glad to get back downtown and go to...Macy's!!!!

Macy's, I have to say, rules. Especially around sale time. g had a hard time finding anything because she's quite small and all the discounted clothes were sold out in small, but I found a Ben Sherman miniskirt for USD13 (down from $69!) and a Calvin Klein tank for $14. Ridiculously inexpensive clothes. Unfortunately they didn't have the one shade of Juicy Tubes that I wanted, but there's always Sephora across the road :)

I got another pair of chucks too :)

Tomorrow - Soho again in the afternoon. Definitely no more major shopping on my part - although the quest for the perfect pair of jeans continues!


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