Saturday, July 09, 2005


Oh my God.

I am halfway through the most heavenly cheesecake I have ever had. And I only had to walk two blocks to get it. But I don't think I can finish it - a cheesecake breakfast is looking good at the moment! We got them at a patisserie called Veniero's. Apparently they are extremely extremely popular - we had to get a numbered ticket to get served! The cheesecake is only the diameter of a coffee cup lid but I can't even finish it it's that rich. It may also be because of the dinner we had. Yes that's right, tonight we cooked dinner! We made a kind of penne bolognese with onions and lots of mushrooms. However our pasta was very oily, and we think it may be because we didn't use lean mince so all the fat leached out...eurgh. Anyway it was a pretty damn fine effort if I do say so myself, for two girls who have never really made dinner before. The rest of the groceries we bought for dinner were tinned soups and noodles, which will probably involve slightly less effort.

Tomorrow we're meeting another friend of G's for brunch and then on monday we're going to a florist's on ninth to meet yet another friend of G's, then on Tuesday we're meeting A, a lovely aussie girl we met at the hostel in LA. And we're going to see Fantastic Four. Ioan Gruffudd in spandex...:)


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