Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's a new day...and I'm feeling good

I'm feeling more human today. Our bed is a tatami bed and is really really hard - kind of akin to sleeping on a hard floor. But surprisingly I woke up this morning and was not sore anywhere - in fact I slept pretty darn well last night, thankyou very much. They're meant to be good for your back and apart from the initial difficulty in finding a comfy position, It's quite easy to get a good night's sleep. I didn't feel sore at all when I got up this morning.

We are literally living in a shoebox on E 12th street in a tiny little flat. But it's pretty new and nice and modern, and much nicer than the hostel in LA. And we have a kitchen, and unlimited net time :)

Anyway today we're going to do boring houekeeping things, like grocery shopping and some laundry. We're living in the East Village so after all that's out of the way it's off to do some serious vintage clothes shopping! Yippee!


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