Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wheee! Philly is pretty.

I'm telling you, this is a gorgeous city. I'm just sorry that we are only spending a day here. This morning we took the bus from New York to Philadelphia. It was a chinese run bus company so of course it was ridiculously cheap, which was great. I was hoping to see some of the countryside, but as soon as we left New York I passed out for an hour. It is so much easier to sleep on the bus than on the plane! For one thing it's so much quieter - no noisy engines right outside your window.

Anyway when we got to Philly we had a lovely lunch at a Malaysian restaurant with our hosts. Mmmmmmm Nasi Lemak... :) I'm happy now. After lunch we went to KMart - we just had to go to an American one! G and I ended up getting matching Spongebob Squarepants pyjama bottoms. We're thinking about wearing them to the Spongebob movie on the Hudson River next week :)

This afternoon we went to the Franklin Institute of Science, which was sooo much fun! It totally kicks Sciencework's ass. We basically spent the afternoon playing with stuff. We also went to the planetarium but instead of watching a space show we saw this thing called Sonic Vision. It was just a whole bunch of pretty decent music (Audioslave, U2, Moby, Radiohead etc) put to some awesome 3d animation. Of course putting it on the domed screen made it totally immersive. Very very cool.

For dinner tonight we had Philly Cheese Steaks, which were...filling to say the least! They were huge! Big buns filled with shaved steak, cheese and mushrooms. And very tasty.

So anyway we're kind of repacking our backpacks right now. We're living light for a few days, and we've just had our last shower before Chicago on friday. eew. In a few hours we're taking an overnight bus to Pittsburgh. See ya round.


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